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Advantek Recognized by ASE Holdings

Advantek Taiwan was recently honored as the Best Supplier in the Carrier Tape category during ASE Holdings’ Annual Supplier Day in Taipei. ASE is one of the world’s largest providers of outsourced semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test (OSAT) and a leading provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS).

Wim Goosens, Advantek CEO & President, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

Advantek has collaborated with ASE for over 30 years – providing a full range of carrier tape products, comprehensive support, and a partnership in Value Analysis & Engineering.

The recognition re-affirms the long-standing relationship and Advantek’s position as a leader in precision component packaging systems. As a best-in-class supplier for 2023, Advantek remains committed to excellence and shared goals with its partners. Carrying Tomorrow™

Advantek at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2024

Advantek exhibited last week at SEMICON Southeast Asia in Kuala Lumpur – the largest gathering of the electronics supply chain in the region. Representatives from our locations in Penang, Singapore, and across Southeast Asia showcased Advantek’s carrier tape and reel capabilities.

This year’s show focused on the theme “Boosting Agility and Resiliency of the Global Electronics Supply Chain,” emphasizing the importance of building resilience to better withstand unpredictable disruptions to the semiconductor industry.

Our products, from embossed carrier tape to moisture barrier bags, play a crucial role in the supply chain and assembly processes of computers, mobile phones, LED lighting, medical components, smart appliances, automobiles, and more.

With facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, Advantek possesses the operational flexibility to effectively navigate disruptions – providing continuity to customers worldwide.

Advantek Marks 20 Years of Manufacturing Excellence in China

Advantek recently celebrated a significant milestone in our decades-long China presence – the 20th anniversary of manufacturing! This year’s annual event, held in Zhejiang Province, featured fun team-building activities, and culminated with long-time employees taking stage to cut a ceremonial cake.

Congratulations, Advantek Shanghai!

One Company, One Team: Year-End Events Highlight Global Team Spirit

With an extensive global presence and strategically positioned regional hubs, Advantek’s year-end celebrations embodied our ‘glocal’ ethos. Nearly a year since the end of the global pandemic, the gatherings were a long-awaited opportunity to reconnect in person.

In Shanghai, the Lunar New Year Celebration doubled as the year-end event where longstanding employees were honored with service awards. Meanwhile, the Philippines hosted a Filipiniana-themed event with high attendance and recognition for top performers.

Advantek Taiwan also organized several gatherings where special awards were presented to recognize quality improvement projects undertaken by the team. Lastly, Advantek Malaysia maintained its tradition with an annual dinner in Penang, attended by employees from Malaysia and Singapore. The event featured a service award ceremony recognizing long-term dedication and special awards were given to standout employees.

Advantek continuously invests in initiatives enhancing employee well-being, professional development, and job satisfaction. We believe that recognizing talent and supporting individual growth creates collective success.

With over 45 years of experience and a comprehensive range of services, Advantek remains a leader in semiconductor transportation packaging media. Trusted by clients worldwide, we’ve protected over two trillion components. Explore our products and see how we are Carrying Tomorrow at

Developing Future Leaders

Advantek, a leader in precision component delivery systems, continues to invest in the future through its Leadership Development Program. The most recent sessions took place in Malaysia and the Philippines during the first quarter of 2024.

The program highlighted core leadership principles, encouraged a Growth Mindset, and engrained a valuable feedback model for clear and constructive criticism. Participants praised the program for fostering camaraderie and aligning with Advantek’s core values. Here are what some had to say:

“The leadership training offered by Advantek is an excellent approach for leaders to enhance their talents, motivate their teams, and deliver results. Successful leaders can transform organizations.” — Yogendren Palanivelu, Malaysia

“My key takeaway is the importance of communication and how to employ different styles of leadership in various situations.” — Arvin Consignado, Philippines

The Leadership Development Program is ever-evolving. By providing tailored training and resources, it underscores Advantek’s dedication to the success of every employee.

Explore our products and see how we are Carrying Tomorrow at

Advantek Corporate Social Responsibility During COVID-19

Corporate Social Responsibility During COVID-19

Despite the devastating impact of COVID-19 on people and businesses around the world in 2020, Advantek Corporate Social Responsibility has continued in the Philippines but in a slightly different way.

The site has supported both online teaching and classroom education by donating e-learning equipment such as laptops, calculators, printer ink/paper, and televisions. Along with that, they have donated hygiene and COVID sanitizing kits to low-income STEM and elementary school students in public schools near Advantek to help them continue their studies despite lockdowns and other COVID-related challenges.

“Through this simple act, we help these students continue their education and achieve their dreams,” says Rose Lera, Human Resources Manager, Philippines.

As we plan for 2021 we look forward to helping in more ways with our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Advantek Gives Back to Families in Need: Corporate Social Responsibility

Adv Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of Advantek’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, our Eden Prairie office participated in an event, for Project for Pride in Living. It is a Minneapolis, Minnesota non-profit that, “builds the hope, assets, and self-reliance of individuals and families who have lower incomes by providing transformative affordable housing and employment readiness services.” We put together 200 snack packs to be distributed to kids in these families, as they are not receiving the meals they typically would at school, with distanced learning during the pandemic. It was a fun team building event, and we are looking forward to more Corporate Social Responsibility projects in 2021.


Advantek Leadership


“CCL领导力培训使我开辟了新的思维方式。在新型冠状病毒流行的时代,我在思考我们应该放慢还是加快速度,但我意识到这与平衡有关。花一些时间进行更多的交流,继续发展团队,并找出任何主要的盲点。” –Rebecca Wang,上海财务经理

“在培训过程中,我发现学习和倾听很有帮助,不仅要听事实,还要听团队成员的感受和价值观。我认为,将培训转换为在线形式有助于我进一步练习我们培养的听力技能。通过专门询问团队成员有关我的表现和团队表现的反馈,我变得不再像人们以为的那样。当我们整合远程通信工具时,这非常重要。” P2卓越中心(CoE)经理Zack Campshure

“作为一名人力资源经理,你要处理所有的事情,这可能会很困难。培训帮助我理解了自己的弱点和恐惧,以及在给予和接受反馈时如何应对这些弱点和恐惧。很难给出和接受反馈,但是当您这样做时,你会成为一个更好的自己。” –菲律宾人力资源经理Rose Lera

Advantek Taiwan Gives Back to Families in Need

Taipei Children's Amusement Park

In today’s global economy, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to be present in the communities where they operate. In 2017, as part of Advantek’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, the company committed to giving back to help drive social and environmental change.

Last summer, Advantek Taiwan decided to reach out into their surrounding communities in a meaningful way. The branch joined forces with United Way of Taiwan. United Way is a national Social Welfare Group. They work on building communities by engaging all who need help, especially families living in the countryside, that might be overlooked.

With the help of the organization, Advantek Taiwan reached out to approximately 40 families with children who could benefit from the help of United Way’s resources and assistance.

Depending on each family’s needs, Advantek Taiwan Human Resources prepared packages that contained daily necessities and supplies that Advantek staff personally delivered to each family. Due to summer vacation from school, most of the families were not able to look after their children during the day and could not afford childcare. United Way offered each family childcare and Advantek funded daily lunches for the children. As a final activity, Advantek volunteers took the children to the Taipei Children’s Amusement Park for a one-day outing–a very special treat for children from low-income families.

“The purpose of this project was to assist families materially and spiritually,” says Brenda Feng, Human Resources Manager for Advantek Taiwan. “We wanted to instill hope, increase confidence, and help the families remain positive in the face of major challenges. We wanted to share the principles of Advantek and help–from the outside and the inside, too.”

For more information, contact Josie Parker at

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